Who We Are

Silverlight Agency is a team of Fingerprinting Technicians, Insurance Agents, Notaries, & Notary Closing Agents. We exist to provide our clients: consumers, self-employed and businesses, with the best possible professional services.

Welcome to our Family

Who We Serve

Insurance: Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee & Texas
Notary: (In-Person, Mobile, RoN, eNotary) Arkansas, Oklahoma
Fingerprinting: Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri

About Us

COVID affected us in 2020 like many others. Shutdown or opened. Businesses couldn't quite find their footing—if they were even given the choice at all. Jon Baker, our founder and owner, ended in a similar position as many of you all. This allowed him for a period a recollection. Discovering it was always in his nature to help others. He set out to do that very thing. By October of the same year, he had a Notary, Mobile Notary Service and Insurance brokerage operating out of a spare bedroom. Nearly a year later—adding Fingerprinting—Silverlight Agency has found a welcome and home in Barling, Arkansas.